3D Lifestream using Drupal and Papervision

Papervision has been a library I have been messing around with for some time now. It is a very cool toolkit for making 3D happen in Flash. With this experiment I have developed a little service class that connects to my lifestream service project over at Drupal.org.

I learned some valuable lessons during my efforts here. I learned how to export your source code with an AS3 project. Try right clicking and select "View Source". I learned how to use .swf files developed in Flash as a library of designs/movieclips for AS3 projects. This makes the tools available for design much richer and fun! Check out assetsLoaded() in LifeStreamPlanes.as. You can also download the .fla I used to make the .swf here. I also learned how to render anti-aliased text on a MovieMaterial in Papervision. This makes for much easier to read text on a 3D object, especially if it animates.

There are a couple of things I would still like to learn here. For one, I want to be able to support links in the stream entries text field. Also, as you can see in the code, I tried to support YouTube videos embedded on a Plane using a MovieAssetMaterial class but according to everyone I am talking to on the newgroups and my tests this is not possible unless I have the videos local in .flv format.

I am drawing the planes in a random fashion (for now) so you may have refresh if they draw on top of each other. It is pretty cool to see the patterns that emerge. Click on the planes to navigate through the stream.

Launch the Experiment